What is Customer Experience?

Consciousness & Customer Experience






Customer Experience Management (CEM), Journey, Map (CJM), Strategy


Social Media and the Contact Center

If you are like me, and so many other people today, you’ve connected through LinkedIn, set up your profile on Facebook, Twitted your Tweets and MySpace’d your favorite music performers to view road schedules. But what business opportunities are there around Social Media, and how do you integrate it into your contact center; to be a media contact center channel for interaction?


Get a 360' View and Vision of your Customer Relationship

Customers today have innumerable choices and high expectations. Attracting customers on the strength of product or service differentiation is becoming harder and harder.


Social Media and the Customer Experience

Twitter and Facebook are playing an incredible role in bringing companies closer to their customers than ever before.  It is now a fact that to get your business right you need to get your customer experience to be the right one.  Otherwise, you may be playing disaster recovery in a world that is one click away from a social media disaster. 


What's Love Got to Do With "It" - How Employees Impact Customer Experience

Do your customers love your company or brand experience?  Is it a WOW experience or a WTF (What's That For?:) kinda journey?  A great customer experience is a key indicator of the continual success of a brand.


Powerful Tools and Strategies for Enhanced Customer Experience

In the current customer-dominated economy, your brand strength depends on how better you are than your competitor in delivering customer experiences.


Listen to the Voice of Customers Experiences

Are you really able to hear what your customers are saying about you?  Not only to you, but to the world in general? How well do you know, not just their voiced needs but their unexpressed needs as well? Being insightful of the said and unsaid needs of your customers is critical to creating superior value for them. Voice of Customer (VoC) is a systematic and cyclic approach that brings you closer to these customer needs.